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Dog T.A.G is a non-profit making organisation based in the West Midlands.

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We are a small team of dedicated volunteers helping to campaign against dog thefts, reunification of missing dogs and dog safety throughout the West Midlands region by:

Promoting increased public awareness of the escalation of dog thefts in the UK.

Helping to prevent thefts by educating the general public about the actions we can take to keep our dogs safer and how not to be a victim of dog theft.

Assisting to reunite lost dogs and help support owners who have had their dogs stolen or lost by raising the profile of their dog via our social media sites, supporters, other dog welfare contacts and webpage.

Meet the Dog TAG team in the video below

Dog thefts are increasing in the UK.

Some might see an opportunity to make quick cash by stealing dogs for resale, reward monies or mass breeding use.

There are ways we can try and minimise the risks to our dogs and take steps to keep our dogs safe! Take a look at the 'Dog Safety' information within our 'Advice' section


Dog theft has quadrupled in the last 5 years leading to over 45 dogs being stolen every day in the UK.

(Barking Blondes: Dog theft on the rise, 2014)

Some dogs are used in dog fighting rings or as dog bait for the 'fighting dog to practice on, maim or kill.'